Sermon Series

The first Christmas was an amazing experience, but not soft, sweet, quiet, and calm like so often picture in our nativity scenes and Christmas carols. Life is more chaotic than that, which is okay! The Christ child was born into the midst of a broken world to people with broken lives and we celebrate that God again comes into our brokenness and chaos this Christmas, too.

December 1: Beginning With The End | Acts 1: 8-14

December 8: The Piercing of Mary's Soul | Luke 2:33-35 22:1-14

December 15:Amazing, Astounded, Astonished| Luke 2:41-51

December 22: Mary, Full of Grace | Luke 1:26-33

December 24: Not a Silent Night | Luke 2:1-7

December 29: Cocoa, Coffee, & Carols